Coogyloop – Keep It Spinning external link

This game is an incredibly addictive time-waster. It has easy rules, is easy to use, and even easier to get addicted to. Coogyloop is all about making sure your mind is quick and your fingers quicker.

A ball spinning in circles, and all you need to do is to tap the screen when the ball is inside the coloured area. If you miss it, you’ll lose straight away (here comes the frustration). If you hit it, the target will move and change size, and you’ll just have to go on as much as you can.

The quicker you are, the more points you’ll get. But the more you go on, the faster the ball will spin. And careful, it won’t always go at the same speed!

Easy, right?

The design is really cool, fresh and minimalistic. Sound effects are one of the best things about this app: they are perfectly integrated with the gameplay, and you’ll love them until you start losing and you get this close to throw your phone out the window.

The app is free with an option to remove ads for 0.99. Game Center is supported, so you can see how your friends are doing and challenge them to this little game that looks so simple, but will drive you crazy.

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