Cool Math Game From Ancient Greece: Zeus Vs. Monsters external link

Zeus vs. Monsters is a fun educational game which allows players to practice their math while learning about the basics of Greek mythology at the same time. As you battle your way through 50 levels and the various landscape of Ancient Greece, you will have to set your mind to quick thinking because Hades is more than eager to defeat the mighty gods from Mount Olympus and take over the throne. The game itself is quite quick-paced which allows children to practice working under pressure and in time-limited situations. This is a good preparation for all those timed tests they will have to face.

Another great feature of the game is the section for educators. It gives a full statistical insight into the game scores which allows parents or teachers to monitor the progress of their children or students and offer help in the areas which need improvement.

It is a new and exciting way of practicing math which shows that learning can be fun if only we look from a different perspective.

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