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courseticket is a versatile solution provider for online marketplaces in the field of education and training. With more than 20,000 offers from a total of 3,000+ trainers and education & training institutions, over 100,000 registered customers have used courseticket for booking, payment, collaboration and learning to date.

No matter if internal academy, open campus or scalable marketplace: Based on the latest web technologies courseticket delivers the solution and combines the best of two worlds: digital education management + innovative e-commerce technologies.

Always mindful of recurring users and organic growth, courseticket is based on a “multi-client” (marketplace) approach: This means that every user – no matter whether they are independent providers or traditional consumers of educational measures – can significantly influence & shape the topicality of the platform content.

This makes courseticket one of the leading learning experience platforms internationally.

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  1. Erika Garrett says:

    great app