Cowsigner – Let Customers Focus On Paying You, Not Fees On Solana. external link

A service that let your customers use your DApp for free setting your wallet as the fee payer of your customer’s transactions.

Why this service exist if the transactions on Solana are so low?

If we want to make mass adoption a reality, we need to implement some freemium models on our DApps, but we all know that, obviously, when a user create a wallet, he has ZERO money on it, so how could a user sign a transaction with no money at all? A service like Cowsigner is probably needed.

You can stop reading here, but there are other use cases where you’d want to be the fee payer of your customer’s transactions.

For example:

– We all know that the transaction itself is low, but the price “drastically” increase if you need to save data on chain. For few strings you may end up with a cost of 20 cent, if you multiply it for 10 or 20 transactions per day, the cost to use your dapp became too expensive. Think about it, maybe you are creating an application that is more profitable if you let your user focus on paying you than focus on paying blockchain fees?

– Imagine that you are a company and you need to create a decentralised application to manage some of your internal work. Wouldn’t be helpful a service that manage all your employee wallets, let you set the threshold of spending, and, more importantly, save you the time of checking every employee wallet and don’t force you to send money around?

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