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“Cravings” ensures that you meet your daily calorie goals every day. It does this by analyzing your food habit and then by selecting and presenting the right breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack choices from within your list of foods, which will help you, meet your daily calorie goal.

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*** Reviewed Cravings – “Cravings does an impressive job of suggesting foods and cravings to users to help them stay within their budgets

Start by entering your food list and their calories. The app does web search on food calories to ensure that you always get the correct and updated calorie information for any type of food. It provides you a simple intuitive interface (spinning wheels) that is a fun input mechanism. Just categorize your food as breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and let the App know which ones are your Cravings.

Click on Settings to calculate BMI and your ideal calorie intake based on age, weight, gender, height and your physical activity. You can also allocate percent of your daily calories towards breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are unsure of this allocation, never mind, the App will analyze your food habits and suggest the best allocations for you. The Settings screen also use spinning wheels to make data entry fun and easy. Spin the wheels on the left to select your input type and the wheels on the right to set the corresponding values.

The main screen presents you the options to enter Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Simply, choose whether you are entering Breakfast or lunch etc. on the selection control and the food list spinner wheel will dynamically change to present you only the Breakfast items or lunch items or dinner items, so on and so forth. The Progress Bar on the top provides constant feedback on how much calories you have consumed compared to your daily calorie goals.

Now to the fun part, if you switch on the suggestions light bulb the App will only list those food items that are ok for you to eat in order to stay within daily goals. E.g. if you are wondering what to eat for dinner and still meet your daily goals, then simply turn on the switch and only those dinner items will be listed which fits the criteria.

No more guessing or constantly counting calories! Rest easy; let me help you meet your daily goals!

Plan your day ahead – If you know that you are going to have a heavy meal during Lunch or Dinner, you can plan your day around it. For example, you may have a cocktail reception where you will have 3-4 glasses of wine, exotic desserts, snacks etc. You can prepare for it by entering them in the morning and then the App will suggest what your choices are for Breakfast and lunch that ensures you stay within the daily calorie budget. You get the drift.

This App does not penalize you if you don’t track a day. However, you are incented to track because the more you track the better the App gets in suggesting the most ideal choices for your important meals and also as the reviewers suggests, it is ridiculously easy to track daily calories.

Eliminating the wrong cravings and enjoying the right ones!

When Cravings hit, turn to this app for instant feedback on what it means for your health and fitness. You can easily find out what it means to eat a cheesecake or an ice cream after lunch or that extra glass of wine in the afternoon. It lets you find out what choices you then have for dinner or may suggest an alternate craving that will help you meet your daily calorie goals.

Be kind to yourself, manage your Cravings, and take this small step towards understanding your food habits and a giant step towards a healthier and delectable life.

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