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✈ CrazyMyWorld offers all the travel services you need free and quick on a slick menu. Do you need a flight or hotel? We have you covered. Do you need a car rental? We have you covered. The problem with other travel apps. Is that they don’t keep speed and efficiency in mind? On top of offering cheap travel services like hotels, air travel, and car rentals.

✈ We made the app easy to use. Everything on the menu is quick, with no hidden pages or workarounds to get to. FAQ, customer support, and even our privacy policy are on the menu. That means less time on unnecessary scrolling and clicking and more time booking your dream vacation. There are no fees, nothing zero. If anything changes, you will be the first to know, with ample time. We believe in transparency.

✈ With our blazing-fast search engine, you can compare flights and hotels with hundreds of other sites at bargain prices. The great part is, you need not leave the app. Which saves you time and a headache.

✈ On top of everything else, we offer advice and blog tips. Just in case you’re new to traveling.

✈ We also took a step further we created a Social media section called (social travelers). You can socialize with like-minded travelers and post about your adventures. Think of it as Instagram for travelers. As we grow, we will offer more services and features. So you don’t have to download multiple apps. When you’re on vacation, we want you to lose yourself in your travel spirit.


✈Book Flights worldwide with our blazing-fast search engine
✈Book Hotel reservations worldwide with our search function
✈Reserve Airport Transfers in 120 countries
✈Get a Car rental at cheap prices
✈Travel Blog tips for new travelers or veterans
✈Social media section for Travelers to share adventures
✈Easy to use menu with all information upfront
✈Create an account under 3 minutes
✈All bookings happen within the app

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  1. It’s quite different from what I’m usto with TripAdvisor and Expedia. The layout is simple but a nice quality. Hopefully they add cruises.

  2. Sarah Thompson says:

    If your looking for the perfect app PICK THIS ONE IT IS PERFECT!!