Crime Investigation Files – 101 Levels Thriller external link

ENA and HFG proudly release the Investigation Files of 6 categories with adventurous of 101 levels. The First game is The Reporter and The Murderer, which is about a lady reporter was murdered by an unknown person. The second game is Mr.Psycho-The Serial Killer. The story behind this game is about finding the 5 missing girls in the City and knowing the reason behind it.The third game is Patent Protected. This game is about finding the gang behind the murder of a scientist and also the missing patent invented by him. The fourth game is Story of Tom, which is about finding the mystery behind the murder of a Top business man. The fifth game is A secret plan. the story of this game starts with the fire accident in a bank. The sixth game is The Locker. The game starts with the sequential murder of 4 scientists with another scientist missing.

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  1. Nancy Griffin says:

    It works. Its a silly app but it works.