Cube Dash Free Game – PlayStore external link

Push the cubes into the white space. Of course, if you can make it.

You can play Cube Dash to develop your own record. Quickly push the cube to the other cube and try to get it all into the white area. As you insert it into the white area, the piece of cube will go down and you will try to insert the cubes for the white areas again. If you can put all the cubes in a row in a row, your score will increase faster. You will get extra points. By pressing the Play button, you also use your 2nd chance. If all of the cubes you pushed out of the white area, 1 of your 2 game rights ends.

Do not forget to adjust the collision speed according to the size of the cubes. Let’s see how many points you will make? We would like to see your record in the comments.

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  1. Russell Martinez says:

    Very useful!! Thanks!

  2. Pamela Thompson says:

    great app nice ui…. very useful in daily life

  3. Randy Young says:


  4. Paul Patterson says:

    The interface is amazing

  5. Frances Griffin says:

    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..