Cykubed – CI/CD For Cypress Using Kubernetes external link

Cypress is a great tool for building regression tests for websites, but large tests suites can take a long time to complete and be very expensive. Cykubed leverages the power of Kubernetes to automate the process of building and testing your web applications on your own cluster. Tests are run at parallel and using Spot VMs for massive cost savings compared with traditional CI/CD solutions. Failed and flaky tests are collated along with screenshots and presented in a simple and intuitive UI.

Cykubed has everything you need to set up automated Cypress testing in the cloud and start running it in 5 minutes. Everything is driven by an easy to use website, and integrates nicely with your Git provider and instant messaging systems. It supports outgoing webhooks and has a fully featured API for easy integration with your existing CI/CD pipeline.

All that is needed to run Cykubed on our own cluster is the installation of the Cykubed agent which requires very little resource, and is accomplished with just a few lines of code. Cykubed also has a fully hosted option if you don’t want to run on your own Kubernetes cluster, which operates on a PAYG basis with (non-expiring) build credits.

Cykubed provides a generous free tier that is on a par with other CI/CD platforms.

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