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What is DappVolume? DappVolume is web app that analyzes and show cases decentralized applications (DApps) that are utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. dApps are applications on decentralized networks that are secured by trustless protocols. DappVolume shows you how many users, transactions, and volume each DAPP has. DappVolume also shows users ( unique Ethereum addresses) that have played dApps. You can sort by the most dApps played, most volume, most transactions, and newest users. DappVolume also has a transactions page that has a live stream of DAPP transactions. You can see whats going on across all DAPPs in real time DappVolume lets users submit DAPPs on the Ethereum blockchain AND POA sidechain. DappVolume lets you submit a DApp and get in front of the right audience for free.

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  1. Deborah Kelly says:

    great app