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Digipare app is a one-stop solution to various parking issues which people face in their daily lives. Digipare is an official Zona Azul app that entirely focuses on providing an easy-to-use parking space to its users in just a few clicks. With nearly 1.3 Lakh users, we have covered more than 22 cities so far. This application is available for Google Play Store, iOS App Store as well as Windows Store.

Now, there will be no need to return in the middle of work when the parking time will run out. Digipare app will inform the users about it and they can manage their parking hour from any place. For this, there are multiple options available such as activating the hours which can be done via an app, by calling the Digipare’s self-service channel, or just by sending an SMS.

Users can see their activated hours and manage it as per their requirements. All they have to do is to sign up this app and use wherever they go.

Why Use Digipare?

Convenience: Users can leave their vehicle for as much time they want

Activation: There are multiple options to activate hours

Modification: Renewing mentioned hours is easy

With the Digipare app, it has become quite convenient to get the parking. This service enables users to enjoy their parking experience without any worries of ticket fine. With its presence in various cities of Brazil, Digipare has proved out to be the best Blue Zone app of present days.

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