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DinnDinn is a new revolutionary and innovative application that has been taking the App Store and Google Play Store by storm. It’s currently offered as a free application and allows consumers who share a passion for food to communicate with each other in a new unique and exciting way. The application is effectively a virtual fridge for drinks, food, dishes and desserts that you either love or hate. The idea behind DinnDinn is to be able to find out what food looks like, before you’ve tried it. For example, if a consumer was to head over to a new posh Chinese restaurant, and had absolutely no idea what a type of food was, or how it tasted, they could use DinnDinn to see a picture of the food, and what it tastes like.

In addition, DinnDinn allows consumers to follow their friends and celebrities and see which foods they love or hate. Users can then take recommendations from the people they follow and try their celebrities’ favorite foods. DinnDinn also works as a social media sharing application too. You’re able to take a picture of the food you’re currently eating, along with the venue, and describe how the food tasted and whether you loved it or hated it. The application is quickly becoming popular amongst food lovers across the world.

Once a user follows another, they become TasteBuds and gain access to their favorite dishes. To learn more about the DinnDinn application, head over to their website found at: http://www.dinndinn.com/

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