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Collect official Discovery Channel trading cards, trade them with friends and play to see who has the best deck as you explore the world and beyond!

In Discovery Card Quest you can travel anywhere, from inside a living cell to the far reaches of the universe, and throughout time itself.

Collect cards and trade with friends. Battle in Conquest to see who has the best deck and earn Experience Points along the way. Maybe one day you will rank amongst the greatest explorers of all time…

In Discovery Card Quest you can:

Collect a wide range of unique and fascinating trading cards from albums such as Space, Paleontology, Exploration, Oceans & Seas and Life on Land.
Connect and trade with your friends
Challenge your friends to see who has the best cards – the winner takes the treasure!
Collect regular free rewards to help you build your collection
Save duplicate cards to help create even more powerful cards

New cards will be made available weekly covering a wide range of Discovery Channel related themes and shows.

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