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Think project collaboration, not project management
Doddle – Work smarter, not harder
As we change the way we work, moving away from the traditional 9 till 5 and replacing it with flexibility, we find ourselves living and working in technology rich environments. Imagine a world where email didn’t exist for example. But has technology reached its peak? We all seem to think that certain products have reached their optimum; they can’t get any better. That is until someone comes along and proves otherwise. James Dyson, with an invention that revolutionised the already pretty good Hoover! Elon Musk proving that a car can be revolutionised, and Apple, proving that you don’t need wires… or a jack receiver (the jury is still out I know). So in an age where emails can fire between one another in microseconds, can you improve that? Is there anything to help you work smarter, rather than harder?
Today, projects are completed quickly, the teams working on them are no longer all in the same room, many are in different Cities, Countries or even Continents. Teams made up of specialist skilled workers all have a part to play in the delivery of a service or a product and all still rely totally on email. Like many other project management tools Doddle works to cut down the number of emails you receive and send on a daily basis, incorporating task notifications and chat functions, but that’s just standard stuff right? Doddle goes further than that…
Fundamentally, Doddle isn’t a project management tool. It goes above and beyond to minimise emails around projects; it starts with the ability to invite clients to join projects and involve them right from the start, Doddle is a collaboration tool.
Often it’s not just team emails that flood the inbox; its quotes to the client, cost approvals, important decisions and project status updates. Ultimately leading to large portions of time in a day focused on crafting emails listing updates and action requests.
With this in mind, Doddle incorporates a specialist quoting system which includes individual client rate cards, quote approval rights and monthly billing. Tasks feature team and client messaging facilities, document uploads and a specialist feedback system.
Clients are given an overview of the projects to ensure regular status updates aren’t required; they have ultimate control with the ability to make comments, track changes, approve quotes and ultimately improve their relationship with the team without the need to chase for updates.
Doddle has the basic project management tools we see already on the market; its power comes from its ability to be the centre pin for collaboration between the team and the client. This tool is revolutionising how people manage their clients giving you the ability to quote for any individual aspect of a project, that falls out of the original scope! (Cause that never happens right?)
Doddle offers a 30 day full access trial with no commitment and no bank details required.

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