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Don’t Leave It! is the patent pending app that reminds you not to leave your location without bringing your personal items with you. No extra hardware required.

We like to think of the app as creating an invisible perimeter around your stuff. When you cross that perimeter, the app reminds you to take whatever item you’ve chosen.

We’ve packed the app with lots of features – and a lot of complex calculations and logic running behind the scenes. But the user experience is meant to be simple and useful: Just pick an item you don’t want to leave without (e.g.backpack or purse, etc.), set how far you can walk away before getting an alert (e.g. 60 steps), and Don’t Leave It! will remind you to bring your item if you walk away.

Don’t Leave It! works even if you have no data or signal. If the app determines that GPS signal is too weak, it uses the pedometer instead – automatically. Even if your signal drops while a reminder is set, the app automatically recalculates the remaining distance based on available data sources and reminds you with an alarm when you walk too far away from your stuff.

Stop leaving your personal items behind! No more walking away and forgetting to bring your stuff! No more lost and found!

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  1. Wayne Clark says:

    Does what it says!

  2. Shawn Jenkins says:

    very well made

  3. Rose Price says:

    The developers truly listen to user feedback and continually improve the app based on suggestions.