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Once upon a time, Square and Circle were the two best friends who loved each other However, after some weird changes in their DNA, the Square became a bird and the Circle became a spiky wheel. The Square was hella sad, but the Circle was jealous because his friend can fly now. Therefore, he became evils and wanted to kill his best friend. The Square birds don’t touch the Circle since they will fall and die!

Your mission is help our little square birds from the evil circles. Don’t touch the evil circles! Don’t touch it at all! Let the square birds stay away from the circles.

★ Tap on the LEFT of the bird to move left. Tap on the RIGHT of the bird to move right.
★ Dodge all the circles, walls. And don’t fall down!
★ There are multiple types of evil circles, so watch out!
★ Try to tap as fast and wisely as you to dodge the circles
★ Your main goal is try to go as far as possible and don’t touch the evil circles. Let them stay away from the square birds. Also, don’t touch the walls and fall down!

★ Many different cool skins in Shop for square birds, evil circles, and so on.
★ Connect with your Facebook friends, Twitter friends
★ Share your score to your friends through Facebook and Twitter

Feel free to contact us for questions, comments, suggestions or bugs. Enjoy the game!

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