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Drakkle is a social network where you can follow others, be it your friends or celebrities (or even a friend who is a celebrity)

Memes 🙃

Want to have some fun? No problem, here are several meme profiles that you can follow. If you can’t find any, you can create one and post your memes. From uncle jokes to shitpost

Sports ⚽

Do you want to follow the game of your football team? Some profiles post game information every minute, so you don’t miss anything

News 📰

Follow news profiles to be always informed about the latest events

Anime 💥

Anime? Of course we do. From those with 5 episodes to those with more than 1000

Music 🎸

Like music? So do we. You can follow the profile of your favorite band and not miss any new songs

Video games 🎮

Have you released a new game and want to know what you think before you buy? A quick search for the name and you’ll be able to decide if the new game in the franchise is really all that the trailer showed

Privacy 🔒

Your data is yours. We do not sell them to any third party

Modern look and dark mode 🧛‍♂️

An interface with an excellent visual is always good, and if it has a dark mode it is even better. Thinking about it, we made our app with a modern look and a dark mode by default

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