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It is a Great Android Game.
Good to play solo: How many levels can you get!
Or play the machine: How long can you stand up against the DrippBott?
And you can play multiplayer games with friends via Bluetooth.

You might think it is just another flow snake game, but it isn’t.
– You are just a Drop of water. Drying out slowly!
– Flow around to find the deep blue Wells, to drink and Grow.
Most important: Stay relaxed, and TAKE IT EASY. Go too fast and your tail will Break!
– Avoid the red sharks! They will eat a part of you. (Still sometimes, on your way to a big Well, just let them eat ;)
– Growing will fill the progress bar at the top.
– When it is filled the Pitt will open. Then Drain yourself in it carefully!

It is just life’s story: Eat some more than you are being eaten and in the meantime fulfill your destiny.

Hint: Start relaxed and move Slow. Go faster when you’ve grown.

– Appropriate for all ages, kids like children and adults, from age 4 up to 404.
– Can be played on any screen size. Tablet and phone.
– Two control types: Drag with finger or tilt the device and use gravity.
– Play in three worlds:
* 1 At School – Learn the basics. Or just go solo.
* 2 On the Playground – Challenge DrippBott.
* 3 In Cyberspace – Play against a friend.
– Endless number of levels. Getting harder every time, so you will never reach level 100.
– Resume old games.
– Create as many player accounts as you like.
– Play multiplayer games on two devices via Bluetooth. Very fast and no server involved.
– Works on many Android versions. (2.2 and higher)

Have Fun!

Connect: http://www.facebook.com/DrippittGame
Follow: http://twitter.com/Drippitt

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