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dSnag! is a technology marvel that takes guesswork and “trust me” out and brings facts out discovering and documenting most common snags or issues in an apartment / house / villa.

With the dSnag! app YOU become an EXPERT home Inspector to identify most common snags, with all the information required for the Builder & home owner to spot problems and fix them. And to PROVE to you that they are ACTUALLY FIXED.

dSnag! app is the outcome of 500 years of Construction Engineering expertise. We have stuffed all the Engineering we know so you come out on top with your purchase, rental, or maintenance of your existing home.

Simply install the dSnag! app open it, select your house type, download our checklist, and click pictures of your house as shown in the checklists! Our intelligent app will record the location, direction, and lets you annotate (or write down) all details of the image in an easy to manage window. Upload the snag,and move on to the next. When done, share with your builder, home owner or contractor to fix the issues.

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  1. Henry Clark says:

    I never rate app weather I hate them or not but I am rating this app.