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EarnSmart is the first personal finance app that helps people both improve their money habits and get what they desire most as they automatically save toward the goal of their choice. EarnSmart offers cash savings goals and retail-based goals in the form of discounted gift cards to over 100 different businesses, giving people the power to choose whether they want to build a cash reserve or save and spend responsibly on something they love.

EarnSmart was designed to be a simple, practical solution to common saving and spending problems. Have you ever struggled to save money, felt like you didn’t have the money to buy something you really wanted or bought something only to feel guilty about it when the bill came due? EarnSmart was designed to solve these everyday problems. The simplicity of the application and variety of goals offered makes it easier than ever to improve your financial habits in a fun, engaging way.

After a quick sign-up process, new customers choose how much money per purchase they would like to transfer from their checking account to a newly opened EarnSmart Account. EarnSmart tracks its customer’s savings and provides progress updates along the way. When a goal is reached, EarnSmart either automatically sends the customer’s new gift card or transfers their cash back to their checking account depending on the goal type that has been earned.

EarnSmart is safe and secure, having completed integrations with software providers trusted by banks and financial institutions across the United States. The application has a full web-based dashboard where a customer can manage their account, view their goal progress, add new goals to their queue and transfer funds back to their checking account, fee-free. The application also features a cashback referral program where a customer is awarded the greater of $1 or 0.5% of the goal reached, each time a user they referred reaches an EarnSmart goal.

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  1. Wayne Clark says:

    Since they new update, it became even better.

  2. Ann Bennett says:

    great little app

  3. Mark Baker says:

    The search function is lightning-fast