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With the growing edge of technology, many educational institutions have shifted their modules to e-learning aspects. Through e-learning platforms, the students can improve and personalize their learning and theoretical knowledge. These educational apps also help the students to indulge in interactive activities, games, brainteasers, etc. Inoru provides an unrivalled education app development solution for engaging students in e-learning perspectives. Our educational apps are developed by versatile developers who can deliver the most robust, creative, scalable e-learning platforms. Our Educational apps are cross-platform compatible and can operate on both Android and iOS servers, making them accessible for all devices. Inoru’s educational apps are developed with cutting-edge features like

Easy registration
Subject lists
Search option
Sort & filter
In-app communication
Post questions

Additional features of the app

System for tracking assignments
Access to digital library
Digital bookmarking
Custom contents
Effective campus management

Along with these features, you can also customize your app with your desired features. With our ready-to-launch Educational apps, you can launch your business in a blink of an eye. Various models of our educational apps are as follows,

Udemy clone
Lynda clone
Quora clone
Sololearn clone
Meritnation clone
My CBSE guide clone
Byju’s clone
Vedantu clone
Vidyakul clone
Toppr clone
Doubtnut clone
Unacademy clone
Coursera clone
Khan academy clone
Coding ninjas clone

With no further delay, approach us quickly and get your feasible educational app built with cutting-edge technology.

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