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Ember Fund is the first Apple-approved mobile app in the world that lets you custody your own assets and buy a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, with just a few clicks.

We believe most people should invest in the entire cryptocurrency market instead of betting on individual coins, so we built a product to easily do just that.

The space is hot and I know there are a lot of similar cryptocurrency projects that launch every day. So here’s a quick snapshot of how we are different:

📱 We’re on iOS – We’re the only Apple store approved app that allows users to buy a diversified portfolio of coins and let you custody your own crypto AFAIK :)

⚖ We’re non-custodial – the tech we’ve built (along with Airbitz/Edge!) allows us to programmatically create and fund all the necessary wallets for you but only you have access to it.

🏦 You can buy with USD – we’ve integrated with Coinbase and are working with Wyre which will allow you to fund your portfolios with a bank account in the near future.

🆓 We are currently truly fee-free – No gimmicks, affiliate fees, commissions, margin on exchange rates or any other fees. We will be charging for premium features and / or making a small fee in the future.

🇺🇸 We’re available in the US – and fully compliant

Fund a portfolio today!

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  1. Ronald Spencer says:

    I never rate app weather I hate them or not but I am rating this app.