Emotica – An App To Understand Your Emotions From Your Voice external link

Emotica is an app, which helps you to understand your emotions, to reduce stress level and make your life more deliberate, comfortable and fruitful.

Based on methods of layered voice analysis, Emotica uses your speech to evaluate your emotions, including:
– Energy
– Content
– Upset
– Anger
– Stress
– Embarrassment
– Thinking depth
– Creativity
– Hesitation
– Emotionality
– Excitement
– Concentration

All you have to do is to record at least 30 seconds of your voice, talking about anything you want. Emotica understands any language and any accent. You will get clear quantitative report in several seconds.

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  1. Matthew Brooks says:

    great app

  2. Frances Hernandez says:

    Perfect for both personal and professional use