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Malayalam! The young and one of the most powerful language in earth. Malayalam is evolved through the reformation process of centuries. Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala, the God’s own country. Each Keralite is proud by themselves for being the spoke person of Malayalam. Unfortunately a certain percentage of the Keralites are living outside Kerala for their job purpose. This application is also helpful for the kids who are residing in Kerala but missing the opportunity to learn Malayalam due to the use of other language medium in nurseries. So, as the result, the NRK kids are missing the vibrant power of Malayalam through out their lives.

Advance malayalam learning options for non keralites/Malayalees to learn malayalam language. Helpful for visitors coming to kerala for Jobs, studies and tourism.

Are you worried about missing the sweetness of Malayalam for your kids? We take the privilege of cordially inviting you to make the best use of our Enjuvadi APP. Are you remembering the nostalgic ‘ Enjuvadi’ which you used to carryout during your nursery days? ‘Vcode Enjuvadi’ is the digital version of same Enjuvadi which will still fill a nostalgic feel in you.

This endeavor is a humble step to transfer the warmth and the positive energy of our mother tongue towards the next generation. This app will transfer the same positive energy which you used to receive from the traditional ‘Asan Kalary’ during your childhood.

Are you really want to transfer the sweetness of Malayalam to your kids? Just a few steps away.. Install the app and start the lesson straight away. Fun way of Learning Malayalam using animations, games, Quiz and stories

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  1. William Bryant says:

    This app is amazing. You should definitely go check it out