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Enloya is a legal marketplace for startups. Enloya matches specific legal solutions to specific legal problems through the use of computer algorithms and carefully designed user-experience. In doing so, we have in mind what typical and atypical startups struggle with, from opening up a simple brick-and-mortar business to selling sophisticated goods and services across borders. In a world where legal fees are obscure and expensive, and knowing what specific legal solutions need to be sought is confusing, Enloya provides transparency, affordability and simplicity to the legal industry by enabling a community where fixed-fee services, superior albeit affordable lawyers, and specific legal solutions are prioritized. In parallel, Enloya provides lawyers with a platform to manage their schedules and to create teams with other lawyers and legal professionals on the platform (e.g. with economists, accountants, engineers, or even marketers).

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  1. Rose Price says:

    If your looking for the perfect app PICK THIS ONE IT IS PERFECT!!