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Create your own front page of news by following your favorite topics and sources. We find the news for you. Etsuri automatically categorizes thousands of articles every day to find the most relevant and interesting content just for you. All your news is organized into a simple timeline to make it easy to follow the latest stories.

With Etsuri you can:
– Follow any topic you want. If we don’t have it, you create it.
– Follow your favorite news sources to get news you trust. We have the BBC, The Guardian, New York Times, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Yahoo, The Independent, The Washington Post and more being added all the time
– Follow your favorite writers and friends to see what others are reading and writing about
– Publish your own articles and get your stories heard
– Save and renews content you wish to keep.
– Search for any article or topic
– Get notified when topics and stories you follow have breaking news

Etsuri is more than just a newsreader, it is the only source of news you need, for journalists and readers alike.

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    Nice job

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    If your looking for the perfect app PICK THIS ONE IT IS PERFECT!!