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Expluria is a SaaS company that brings real-time information to travellers and tour industry professionals, solving everyday problems and targets waste in the bus-based tour industry. The Expluria Platform consists of a free mobile app and a second app and web portal for professionals. These solutions address the needs of travellers, guides, drivers and tour operators through improving the quality of the post-booking experience for all users.

Expluria Traveller, (the free app) offers unique mobile alerts, with real-time information of bus location, increasing safety and improving customer experience. Along with relevant local information and access to local offerings, providing revenue through promotions and a partner affiliate link program.
Travellers download the Expluria Traveller app, through a link in voucher when they book the tour, with Tour Operators that use Expluria and in addition to make sure they will download the app the traveller will also get SMS reminder to download the app.

Expluria Pro serves diverse needs of travellers, tour bus drivers and tour operators through improving the quality, safety in the post-booking experience for all users. It connects drivers and travellers, solves everyday problems and tasks, increasing overall customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations and minimizing preventable 1-2 star reviews on travel platforms. Tour operators simply send invites via email or SMS to travellers they want to add to their tours.

Examples for travellers include finding their bus, uncertainty about whether a tour will be operated and the considerable amount of repetitive manual work and communication through emails and phone, still the dominant communication format.

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