The Exponential Project – Limited Time Blogging Platform With Exponentially Increasing Price external link

With The Exponential Project, you can upload a picture, post a link, and write up to 10,000 characters per post. On January 01, 2018, the price of a post is $1. The price of a post has an exponentially increasing price, which is defined by the equation:

Price = $1.03868417872890ˣ

Where ˣ is the nᵗʰ day of 2018.

On January 01, 2019, posts will no longer be available for purchase. Users may update the photo and information in their spot(s) at any time in the future if they wish.

The project can be found at

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  1. William Sanders says:

    Good. But still space to improve.

  2. Lois Long says:

    you should charge for this app