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Play with the Facecast, and you can’t stop at all.

Facecast is a global social APP which combines the creative short videos, live streams, and one versus one random video chats.

Powerful Functions
The Facecast has three sections, the creative short video, live online and one versus one random video chat. Just an APP can satisfy all your needs!

Global Coverage
The Facecast supports multiple kinds of languages, the global anchors and internet celebrities will take you around to see the world! Dance hot dances with the American anchors to practice your English, roam the Gold Coast following the Australian beauties, and the Arab handsome boys give you a glimpse of the mysterious Middle East.

Interesting Contents
Gather wholly the latest hot videos, the handsome boy and beauties coming from all over the country displaying the talents to give you a feast and a larger world is waiting for you to find out!

Explore amazing people
One versus one random video chat makes each of your matches are full of unknowns and surprises! You can also find other people nearby who have the common hobbies with you!

Help You Go Viral
The talents can hit the top topics, the short videos and live broadcast both can obtain the fans and reward gifts. The Facecast helps you spike the income and go viral one night. Obtaining tens of millions of fans around the world is no longer a dream!

Privacy Protection
The Facecast has the exclusive function of friends circle, you can choose the dynamic visible crowd following your will.

Creative short video, beauty and handsome boy broadcasters, video chat, explore amazing people to overturn the heavens! Download such cool social software quickly!

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  1. Billy Price says:

    Nice work…👌

  2. Deborah Kelly says:

    very good