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Improve your mood and progress towards a better, happier self with this happiness tracker journal app. Find self-help and tips to boost your mode and mental wellbeing.

Are you struggling with a lot of negativity in your life? Will you like to focus on positivity and eradicate bad emotions? You can achieve a better mental state with a little bit of help and consistency. Fighting Chance – Mood Tracker is a happiness tracker app which is designed to help you improve your mood and boost positivity in your life. Explore tips and tricks curated to assist you achieve better levels of happiness everyday. Get one percent closer to a happier self simply by completing 5 daily happiness missions. As an ideal mental health app for better mood, this platform is filled with self help advice and tips on how to feel happier everyday. Keep a log of all the data and activities that you complete everyday and view your monthly mental wellbeing progress through detailed insights. Eradicate any bad feeling such as anxiety and depressing by simply shifting your focus towards positivity. Keep a log of your daily happiness levels and record your progress in notes on a personal journal.

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