Fill The Rainbow – Fun And Relaxing Puzzle Game external link

Sharpen your mind with a connect-the-block-style one-line brain training puzzle game. Fill the Rainbow is a fun, simple and beauty relaxing puzzle game with an immersive atmosphere.
Your brain becomes more active the more you play. If you think you are an intelligent person, you are in the right place. The more you play the more intelligent you become.

A simple but unique and addictive one-line puzzle game that’s completely free to play.

During your commute, before you sleep… enjoy downtime with brain training.

Fill the Rainbow is just like the classic connect the dots game but without numbers or structure to guide you. Start from the initial dot, then connect all open dots on the board ending in the last dot. Connections are made vertically or horizontally, and without overlap. No specific ordering or correct path is required to solve the puzzle, just that all dots must be connected.

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  1. Donna Butler says:

    It works. Its a silly app but it works.

  2. Tommy Bishop says:

    love the recent updates

  3. Joyce Russell says:

    you should charge for this app

  4. Henry Clark says:

    Highly versatile, caters to all my needs.