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Giving time back to the creators, so they can spend more time in the moments that fuel their stories

Everyone has a story, everyone has the potential to create and the power to inspire. And while social media has given us all a platform to tell these stories, we don’t all have the tools to do them justice. Filma is a simple and easy to use video editing app that gives everyday creators and storytellers the ability to craft and produce professional grade videos.

Professional editing doesn’t mean hrs. behind a screen mastering complex tasks. It doesn’t mean more time editing than experiencing the moments we aspire to share. Technology should give us time back, so we can get the best out of every day. Filma is designed to do just this, allowing users to accomplish complex editing tasks in a fraction of the time.

Filma was initially built for iPad, as we looked to make advanced editing tools more portable for the end-user. This has allowed us to refine and simplify our interface, while focusing on our core feature sets we know our users value. At the same time, we have been able to experiment with new solutions which we believe will not only enhance the overall experience, but provide access to functionality that would not have previously been accessible to everyone. We have since taken these learnings and evolved the app across the three main Apple platforms; MacOS, iPhone and iPad. The experience is tailored and optimised to each platform by using MacCatalyst support, ensuring we provide a rich experience across each.

The goal of Filma is to simplify the complex, giving all users; from experienced editors to first-time hobbyists, the ability to create powerful video compositions in a fast and effective manner. We always want to ensure that Filma is easy to use, accessible and fast, while still providing the expected level of professional functionality previously reserved for expensive software.

Filma has all the features you would expect a top tier video editing app to include plus more!.

Advanced features include:
– Multi track video composer with numerous operations to help merge clips and create unique compositions.
– Advanced masking that can be adjusted and animated along the time.
– Keyframe pretty much everything (intensity, position, rotation, color, size, filter, etc).
– Motion & face tracking with Machine Learning (that can be linked to any position based property like zoom, lights, text, stickers or video stabilisation purposes).
– iOS 14 Body Pose Detection enabled through CoreML (create automatic highly customisable stick figure out of any body detection on the footage).
– Adjustment Mask (apply all kind of filters, adjustments or effects only on certain areas determined by a keyframeable mask).
– Lights, Distortions, Focus (extra post processing effects that will help you create the perfect scene – keyframe and motion tracking compatible).
– Automation for values (automatic values for any property – eg. change rotation angle by using a ‘sine’ function along the time so the object can continuously rotate).
– Generators (create editable and keframeable background like solid colors, gradients, etc).
– Import free media (video and audios) to help create quick compositions.
– Speed adjustment for clips.
– Master track – Apply any kind of adjustment generically to the whole composition without going one by one clip (it saves time when you need the same adjustments or applies final touches to your existing compositions like handheld effect, color filter or film bars).
– New extra effects added (revers, motion blur, tiles, mirror, motion simulations, etc).
– All the features that Filma (iPad version) included already (built in FX, adjustments, transitions, LUTs, layers, texts, GIFs, green screen, blend modes, etc).
– Many more small features and UI/UX improvements worth discovering TODAY!

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  1. Frances Griffin says:

    great app nice ui…. very useful in daily life