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Procrastination is a curse for everyone who wants to be successful in anything. Whether you have deadlines or not, you may always encounter a situation, when you receive a personal message in Facebook, and spend the rest of the day reading your feed, and Wikipedia articles about wild geese.
We have developed an application that helps people to focus on their work. The application works like many other self-control applications — it blocks other apps and websites on your computer, thus preventing you from losing concentration.
But there would be no point in making the app absolutely the same as others. Here’s what make FindFocus unique, and probably the best anti-procrastination app on the market:
– Delay Discounter: Want to break your habit of checking emails every few minutes? Just block yourself from Gmail and your local email client. You can unlock any time but have to wait 5 minutes (or whatever time you like)
– Independent “blocking profiles” (Unlock your email client but Facebook and Twitter stay blocked until your lunch break)
– 6 different unlock options with various difficulty to match the protection with the addictiveness of the sites and services you use.
– Pomodoro timer: Create a sequence of profiles and start it anytime
– Break Enforcer: Force yourself to take more breaks during the day. You can use the unlock options to “protect your break” when you want to postpone it or force yourself to take a break.

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  1. Brenda Perry says:

    It is a good app to have