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Firmbee is an all in one project management platform which manages firm’s issues, finances, supports remote team work and HR processes.
Our mission is to help teams and individuals achieve peak productivity. Firmbee let you nurture team work and remote work, automate tasks and give your everyday issues a structure and order. Whether you need an all-in-one software or a personally crafted solution, it will help you with: work organization, project management, team work, recruitments, finances, and invoicing.
Thanks to its endless possibilities and customization options, Firmbee is a good fit for many types of businesses like Sales, Marketing agencies, Design teams, HR, Event planning, IT teams.
We are an all-in-one tool eliminates all the difficulties linked to dealing
with several tools.
Projects & kanban boards help leaders and remote teams organize tasks and turn ideas into concrete action plans.
The finance module extracts data from the PM module – so users are able to manage their project budget, make informed decisions, settle accounts or issue invoices effortlessly.
Thanks to CRM tools users can centralize and organize all their firm’s data.
To-do lists help people achieve peak productivity by creating clear and comfortable lists with color-coded priorities.
As it’s an Applicant Tracking system – users can carry out the whole recruitment process and collaborate while hiring.
It’s also a Freelancer Management System that lets you hire freelancers, post job offers, manage freelancer’s work and stay on top of the budget.

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