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What if you could walk down a street and visualize every moment that you and people you care about, have shared till date? What if you could see how those lovely beaches in Malibu looks while sitting at your home in Singapore? And What if you could get the first true reactions about anything, instead of peer pressured opinions?

At FirstFate, we give our users superpowers much like these, to make their social life more awesome and make their social experiences more real and fulfilling. Through our highly intuitive, user friendly features designed to meet basic social needs of an individual, we make you the coolest version of yourself!

What makes First Fate Social App cool and special?

✔ Lookies: Want to know instantly how a place looks like at this very moment? Request LIVE Lookies on FirstFate, and receive Lookie replies from others instantly.
✔ Augmented Reality TimeLoop Moments: Create Private, Public or Secret Moments/Messages for Friends, which can only be seen when they visit that place via AR. Etch your memories and special social moments permanently.
✔ Settle any Bet/ tie with FirstFate LuckyWheel contest, the Ultimate Tie-breaker among Friends and Foes.
✔ Loved a place? Add it to your MapMyJourney along with other places you would recommend people to visit there. Place can be anything as simple as a cafe or as hard as a Trekking Spot. Afterall recommendations means more when they come from Friends who have similar tastes.
✔ Earn Profile Badges everytime you accomplish something. Gotta collect ’em all!
✔ Create and participate in social Events around you, both public and private. You can RollCall your presence, which tracks your actual location to tell the Event organizer that you actually showed up. Better than RSVP.
✔ Users can view and share their favorite hangout places with friends and followers directly on their First Fate social profile. Make your next weekend getaway awesome!
✔ Add Stunning 3D Photo Albums in form of First Fate Stories. Users can flip through the pages, like reading a Book! Go Viral!
✔ Post Awesome moments and tag them to real LIVE locations in form of Lookies. You can add images, videos and audio as your awesome LIVE lookies of any place, anywhere, anytime!
✔ Discover thousands of new stories, ideas, content, innovative products or services shared by other users everyday on First Fate, and express your interest.
✔ Create Amazing Photos of yourself using RealTime Virtual Tattoo feature through 400+ funny and visually appealing designs and sketches.
✔ Promote your Business, Startup, Service or Product via First Fate Discover. Reach Users who express their interest in your Business, Product or Service, all within app itself :) .
✔ Unbiased First Reactions about anything, instead of peer pressured fake opinions.

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  1. Irene Thomas says:

    Really awesome I liked it😊