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FirstTwo is a Seattle based company providing a location-based service for law enforcement. Our goal and mission is to make law enforcement smarter and safer by providing situational intelligence in the first moments of response.

Today law enforcement is limited in how it obtains key information quickly, resulting in sub-optimal decisions. Our product allows law enforcement professionals a means to view public and private information in a efficient and visual manner based on situations they encounter. These could be while on patrol, while following up on investigations or during tactical situations.

The FirstTwo product is free for trial. We have worked closely with agencies to develop a product that was designed by law enforcement for law enforcement. We invite you and your personnel to try out our tool and see how it can benefit your agency. This product is restricted to law enforcement agencies and can be accessed on any device such as a cellphone, tablet or desktop computer. You can signup at

FirstTwo was founded by Niraj Shah and Dave McAlpin, deep experts in information around people. Niraj Shah cofounded Intelius, inome, and Talentwise which had a combined revenue close to $1 Billion since inception. Niraj recently sold Intelius and inome to private equity in July of 2015. Niraj also recently sold TalentWise to a strategic backed by Goldman Sachs in January of 2016 to create the largest background check company in the US.

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  1. Walter Long says:

    It works. Its a silly app but it works.

  2. Sarah Thompson says:

    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..