Flappy Voice – Sing And Control – Pitch Control Game external link

Flappy Voice, a new way of playing the old and gold Flappy game.
No more taps, use your voice pitch to make the bird fly.
Higher the pitch more will be the impulse on the bird.

Shout, Sing, Scream, Talk etc to control the gameplay.
Try out this new way of playing games.

FYI you should play this game at a place with less background noise.

Gameplay speed will be increased in future updates as we want you guys to get used to the gameplay first. :)

So Good luck, make high scores and have lots and lots of fun and please don’t break your device just because you are not able to score higher. :P

For any feedback or suggestions please raise a support ticket on our support url.

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  1. Erika Garrett says:

    love the recent updates