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Flashh is a disappearing messaging app where users share & discover vanishing moments with friends.

Flashh was created to provide better way for people to more freely and routinely express themselves and interact with each other online without the social media pressures people face when contemplating what to share online.

While there are alternative apps in the impermanent digital sharing space, the vast majority are mobile platforms built primarily for temporary photo & video sharing. Flashh differentiates as it is a web platform (with mobile arriving soon) conceived as an outlet for sharing vanishing Internet content. Users can Flashh not only photos & videos they take, but also anything they think of or find online – links, songs, stories, sites, blog posts, social posts, YouTube clips, and more coming soon!

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  1. Jessica Murphy says:

    great app nice ui…. very useful in daily life

  2. Fred Russell says:

    great app