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Starting an online business has never been easier than this!

Flazio is an innovative Visual CMS (Content Management System), which enables small business owners, professional and designers to create and manage their website with extreme ease.

The project is based on a super-easy visual interface: editing is totally done through the GUI, receiving a real-time visual feedback of the operations right after they are performed.
User experience is the very basis of the Flazio platform. Even the absolute beginner can be able to accomplish the most common operations (add, delete and edit, text, pictures, pages, and more).

Some Flazio key features: you can import almost everything into your web project.
You can start from a Facebook page (the content is automatically imported to create an awesome website) or even from a Photoshop project.
No-one else is doing the same in the same market.

Start creating your website, now!

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  1. Dario Privitera says:

    A stunning Visual CMS. Flazio is a powerful sitebuilder with a more than 100 tools, really simple to edit and customize. I used for a few website project, today is the essential software for my agency clients. Really the cheapest sitebuilder on market, i’ll reccomend.

  2. Paul Patterson says:

    The idea of the app is awesome, although it can benefit from a few improvements..