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Fleetwit is a real-time online race platform for users to test their general knowledge for a chance to win cash prizes. Games include word search, math, memory, puzzles, sports, music, movies, pop culture, and general knowledge trivia. Participants race against the clock to get their highest possible score. The players with the highest scores win cash prizes.

Race prizes range from $5 to even $1000 in some cases. Racers are currently turning $5 into $500. Fleetwit has also created partnerships with Jeopardy winners Ken Jennings, Alex Jacobs, Tony Hightower, and Kimberly Bond. Now you can compete against your favorite Jeopardy contestants LIVE!

With the latest version of the app (available on web or iOS) users can compete in multiple races throughout the day. Players purchase credits to race but there are also free races available. Test your wit and turn a hobby into a career!

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    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..