Flip & Slide Demo – Ball And Objects Puzzle external link

Flip & Slide Demo is a Puzzle Game that requires some brain action to solve the puzzle and Win each Level !

It’s Kind of a maze made with multiple different Objects called Slides and one single Ball per Level.

The main goal of Flip & Slide Puzzle game is to create a Path for the Ball By Tapping and Flipping the Slides or objects which leads to the Bottom Pit in order to Launch the Ball , get it to Slide on the objects and Finally Land it into the Bottom Pit !

How To Play :

– Tap the Objects/Slides to Flip them in a certain Direction or angle .

– Try to connect and Create a Path using the Slides which goes all the way down to the Bottom Pit and solve the Puzzle .

– Tap the Top Pit to Launch the Ball when Done Creating the path .

– After the Ball is released, just sit tight and watch the magic happen !! If you set the correct path for the Ball through the Puzzle, you will be amazed by the excitement and adrenaline rush when the Ball goes correctly into the Bottom Pit while sliding in a thrilling sight !

Tips :

– The Time fro each Level is Limited !! Try to finish the path Before the Clock hits 00:00 !! Otherwise the Ball will be Launched regardless of the Path finished Or not !!

– Each Level has a Limited number of Flips , If you used them all , you can Purchase additional Flips which are permanent !

– After each Purchase, it is Recommended to RESTART Flip & Slide for it to take Efficiency !

How many Levels ?

– 10 Levels in Demo Version.

– Endless in Full Version ! (according to updates).

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