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Fruity Snake Pro is an excellent remake of classic snake game a Premium version for Fruity Snake, with more Fruits Skins. Goal of the game: the main aim of fruity snake is to score points, by eating all fruits to clear level, avoid touching walls. If snake touches the ​Wall it will lose lives.
Also snake will die if it becomes larger and collides with itself.

​​FEATURES: Snake has unlimited lives, but it will take more time to clear The level.
For each fruit eaten, snake grows one unit longer earning you 10 points

Score higher by eating more fruits and saving lives avoid colliding with walls or its own body

What’s added in Premium Version:

You can Also Turn Snake into Fruity Snake By going to Options(when you start game) It also ask you to Play with Normal Snake or Fruity Snake, Choose the fruit you like the most to be eaten and Grow as a Snake.

Download now: So what are you waiting for install fruity snake and enjoy the addiction.

*More Levels to be added very Soon in next version hopefully. ​

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