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Gepette makes it a breeze to create any type of written content and use the creativity of AI power. Forget about spending tons of time and effort to write really interesting and unique content. Are you having trouble catching inspiration or brainstorming? Simply type your query to set a topic or task you need to proceed and Gepette will take care of the rest for you.

The app is officially powered by ChatGPT AI model. Based on machine learning the app AI trained on a huge amount of data, which empowers it to comprehend and answer a wide spectrum of questions with the exceptional organic and natural in language.

You can easily ask Gepette to generate some story or unique text, write an essay or poem, create a press release or blog post on a specific topic, change writing style or tone, make it shorter or longer, or other.

Besides, it can be used for such tasks as finding information, providing explanations, marketing, SEO, and translating into many languages.

Gepette has a simple and intuitive user-friendly UI with perfectly honed aesthetics in design to keep that great feeling of a macOS application’s nativeness.

Discover the unlimited AI power in writing today.

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  1. Aurora Dawn says:

    Love the color-coding feature for tasks