– Chart Images From URL external link is a service that generates chart images from URLs. It uses Vega-lite under the hood for rendering the chart.

Every chart image is defined by a URL. It’s easy to embed the chart in emails, blog posts, PDFs, READMEs, and more.

This service supports any chart that is supported by Vega-lite: bar chart, line chart, scatter plots, area chart, etc. You can find more examples from Vega-lite examples page.

There’s no need to download libraries and set them up. Just define the chart and pass it to the service to get the chart image.

Every chart image is licensed as Public Domain. It means you can use it whatever you like.

There’s no need to learn another chart library in the programming language $X. Learn this once and use it in any programming language.

The chart is defined using Vega-lite grammars. Vega-lite is an open source project. Hence, there’s a clear migration path should one wish to move away from this service.

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  2. Ralph Brooks says:

    It works. Its a silly app but it works.