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Most Postman alternatives in the market today (including Postman) require downloading a platform-specific client app, or installing a Chrome plug-in. This is needed to provide full request support such as CORS. However, this approach has a few cons:

– Setting up a new dev env requires downloading and installing app again.
– App needs to be periodically updated / patched.
– Takes up precious memory on dev machine.
– Not all platforms are supported.

Introducing – A free, browser-based API builder that works with CORS. A Postman alternative without the need for client app installation. You can use it on any platform as long as you have a browser. aims to build a 100% pure web-based solution that supports all kinds of API servers, while providing a modern, responsive, dark-themed UI 😎 that are familiar to existing Postman users. provides two modes:

– Cloud mode: the request is forwarded to the back-end to be executed by node.js, and response returned to be displayed to the users. This mode works with all request types, e.g., CORS. The website is protected by TLS so your request info is safe on the wire.
– Browser mode: the request is sent using fetch() from local browser. This doesn’t work with APIs that disallow CORS.

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  1. Sara Collins says:

    Wow….. Awesome love this appp…..

  2. Lillian Lewis says:

    The analytics feature is insightful and motivating