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GiftList sets itself apart as the most robust gift planner for Christmas 2020. The app plays three roles: helping a user make their own wish list, encourage users to collaborate with others on loved ones wish lists, and getting users organized so they know what they are buying for Christmas. Users can search in the app for gift ideas or add gifts to their lists through GiftList’s Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions or add suggest gift ideas on loved ones lists and chat with others, reserving what they want to get from someone else’s list. Reserved items get added to a user’s ‘I’m Buying’ list allowing them to easily track what they are planning to buy.

 The GiftList app makes Christmas giving easy. Get what you want, give what they want this Christmas.
In this new (version 4.0), just in time for Christmas planning, GiftList has fixed major issues reported by users and add the option to save a Gift from any website via the ‘Share’ functionality within Chrome or Safari. There are also more notifications to keep everyone updated on who is getting what for a friend or loved one.GiftList was built to help streamline gift giving by helping users manage what they want and what they are getting for friends/family. GiftList is the only gift registry app that includes group chat so friends/family can plan together what to get for a loved one.
Built by the development team at Grappetite, a multi-national app and web development company, the app comes out of 11 years of experience building products for ourselves and for clients around the world.

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