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Gig Revolution founded in 2014 on a simple idea; to help bands and artists control their brand and retain full exclusive rights to written, photographic and video content they produce. The GigRev platform allows artists of any size to launch their own private social media network that allows sharing of content on a Facebook style wall and distribution of officially endorsed photos, videos and music as well as the ability to Live Stream video content from the artist’s iPhone or Android device to their fan base of app users. It allows true multichannel engagement and monetisation through premium content aimed at fans. The app allows fans to purchase digital fan club subscription packages on a recurring monthly or yearly basis which in turn gives access to exclusive content, true communication and feedback from artists directly, video blogs, pre-sale tickets and allows sale of merchandise during concerts for collection after the show.

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  1. Earl Martinez says:


  2. Rose Price says:

    Nice work…👌

  3. Paula Ross says:

    Nice job

  4. Julia Mitchell says:

    Just what i was looking for.

  5. Donna Butler says:

    Does what it says!

  6. Jerald Henderson says:

    great app

  7. Rose Price says:

    thank you