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Goodbye emojis / emoticons / abbreviations. Hello glyffs!

Glyffy enables a new, personalized language that combines memes + slang + selfies and it is designed to work within messaging apps
You help create this language by contributing meme-like selfies (photos or short videos) with captions — we call them “glyffs”
Glyffs are the building blocks of this new form of conversation

Think of glyffs as a personalized, visual replacement for emojis, emoticons and abbreviations
Glyffs add fun & excitement to messaging and better capture your thoughts, expressions and reactions

The glyffs you create can be shared with your friends for them to use in their conversations, and vice versa
You and your friends create a new, common language to use with one another
Follow your friends to have glyffs available at your fingertips
You can also follow anyone who makes their account public (celebrity?) and use their glyffs — keep your eye on which glyffs are trending

Just like emojis, glyffs are available in your keyboard — you can even create new glyffs without leaving your messaging app
Use and reuse glyffs in place of plain-old, boring emojis, emoticons and abbreviations
The number of glyffs and their meanings are only limited by your imagination

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