Go Yeti! Festive Edition Available For Free! external link

Go Yeti! is a fun game for the whole family. You can play as any one of 4 cute Yeti characters as you weave your way through a beautifully drawn magical land. Along the way you’ll meet mosquitos, rockets and other surprises while collecting coins and power-ups to boost your score. You can share your score with your friends on Game Center as you build up your magic carpet flying skills!

* Play as any of 4 characters; Peaches, Fran, The Dude and Mylo
* Fly your Yeti through a magical world of pyramids, mountains, snow and outer space
* Collect gold coins to spend in the Yeti Market on comic outfits, spells and jokes
* Hang out in the Yeti house and disco with your Yeti friends!
* Upgrade your character in this special Festive Edition and become Rudolf-Yeti, Santa-Yeti or one of Santa’s little helpers
* More than 40 adventures split across multiple levels
* Get zany power-ups including Smelly Socks and Whoopy cushion

Reward yourself by partying in the room and jamming to the disco music when you complete a level.

Go Yeti! is a really fun game for both little kids and big kids!

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