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Manners are to be taught. When children are very young, they want to do anything you ask. We have to grab the opportunity to teach appropriate behavior. When children are polite, kind and honest, they develop character — and also make their parents look good!

This is a first of a kind app where we have used Animation to teach Good Manners for Kids in an interesting and entertaining way. There are different topics on which we expect our character ’Johnny’ to behave in a proper way. On each topic we have shown different behaviors and only one of them is a correct behavior. There is test for the kid on every topic to see if he understood the manners correctly on that topic. The kid has to choose the correct behavior.
It’s Education! It’s Entertainment! It’s Fun!

In the full version these topics are covered.
– Being A Good Guest
– Meet & Greet
– Table Manners
– Sharing & Caring
– Do Not Interrupt
– The Magic Words
– Cover Your Mouth

Please checkout the video to understand the capabilities, navigation etc.

Submitted by Swaroop Dunna





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